PTFE Micro Powder
PTFE Micro Powder

Item specifics

White powder

Product review


                                                 PTFE Micro Powder

PTFE micro powder is the micron-sized PTFE white powder which has lowmolecular weight range 10000~30000. It can be used as an addictive to mix thematerials with plastics and elastomers. The use of PTFE micro powder can reducethe friction coefficient of lubricant oils and greases, and extent the lifetime of lubricants. It could also be used as a release agent to disperse inorganic solvents.

PTFE micro powder could also be used inelectrostatic coating process to prepare anti-corrosive coating.

Main Technical Properties



Whiteness (% ≥)


Average Particle Size (μm)


Specific Surface Area (m2/g)


Moisture Content (% ≤)


Relative Density (g/ cm3)


Bulk Density (g/l)


Melting Point (°C)

325 ± 5

Main Application:

(1) Electrostatic coating.

(2) It can be added to the resin as additive, such as PA, POM, PBT,PC/ABS, HIPS.

(3) It can improve wear resistance and prevent scratching the material surface. It can increase the slipping property and reduce friction, noise and adhesive ability between the materials.

(4) It can also be used for painting, lubricant oil, and paraffin toenhance scratch resistance and rub resistance etc.

Packing and Storage:

(1). Packed with sealed PVC bag, load in Water content proof paper barrel. Thenet weight is 20kg per barrel.

(2). Stock in clean, cool and dry warehouse, prevent from agglomeration and contamination.