FL-2006 Suspension PVDF Extrusion
FL-2006 Suspension PVDF Extrusion
PVDF FL-2006

Item specifics

Synthetic Resin and Plastic



Suspension PVDF Extrusion FL-2006

PVDF FL-2006 is homopolymer, medium and low viscosity grade that with high purity. Important properties include excellent chemical resistance to most aggressive substances and solvents, excellent mechanical strength and toughness, high abrasion resistance, high temperature capabilities, excellent aging resistance, low permeability to most gases and liquids and easily melt-processed by standard methods of extrusion.

PVDF Synthetic Resin and Plastics Applications

  • 1.PVDF Extruded pipe

  • 2.PVDF Rod

  • 3.PVDF Sheet

Packaging Information

  • 25kg per bag

  • 50kg per drum

PVDF Synthetic Resin and Plastics Specification:

Appearance white translucent pellets
Melt flow rate(MFR g/10min)2 - 8
Tensile strength at break (Mpa) 20 - 50
Elongation at break (%) 20 - 50
Tensile strength at yield (Mpa) 50 - 57
Elongation at yield (%) 5 - 10
Melting point(℃) 171 - 175